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The piston compressor is one of the first models of the air compressor,but it still has the most applications and it is still very effective. The piston compressor pistons move in a straight line within the cylinder via connecting rods and crankshafts.If compaction is used only one side of the piston,we say that it works one way. If fact carried out on both sides of the piston, top and bottom, for him we say that it works both ways.

Applicability piston compressor virtually has no limits. He along with very small modifications can compress air and gases. The piston compressor is the only model that can compress air and gases under high pressure, for example. when using air to breathe.

The piston compressor may have different structures – from a single cylinder for low pressure or low volume, to the multi-stage configuration capable of compressing to very high pressure. In these compressors, air is compressed gradually with increasing pressure before you move on to the next stage for the air compression under more pressure.

Ability to compress:

Piston compressors have a power of 0.75 kW to 420 kW (1 hp to 563 hp) producing working pressure from 1.5 to 414 bar (21 to 6004 psi).

Typical applications:

Compacting gas (CNG, Nitrogen, an inert gas, natural gas), high stage compression (breathing air for SCUBA SCBA cylinders, seismic probes, pneumatic wheel), filling plastic bottles, starting an engine, industry.

piston compressor



Screw compressor

Screw compressor is a push compressor with pistons in the form of screws; This is now the most commonly used type of compressor. Screw compression elements are male and female rotors that move towards each other so that the volume between them and the housing decreases. Pressure ratio depends on the length and profile of the screw and the shape of the spout.

The screw element doesn’t have valves and there are no mechanical forces that can create any imbalance. Therefore it can rotate at high speed and combines high flow rate with a small external dimensions.

Ability to compress:

Screw compressors with a power of 4 kW to 250 kW (5 hp to 535 hp) producing working pressure of 5-13 bar (72-188 psi).

Typical applications:

Food and beverage industry, beer industry, military, aerospace, automobiles, industry, electronics, manufacturing, petrochemicals, medicine, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, pneumatic instruments.

screw compressor


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