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The Industrial air ILA3606056 60-Gallon single stage cast iron twin cylinder air compressor is designed exclusively to meet the heavy duty needs of most mechanic shops, service trucks and livestock operations. This basically features heavy duty components and this is built and designed to last for the most demanding and toughest conditions.

In addition to that, this gallon air compressor has the durability and features of a professional and mechanic compressor. Nevertheless, this is sized to complement to the budget and needs of people in their home garages. This also has its 3.7 rhp motor and 155 psi pump that allows the unit to pump out 11.5 scfm at exactly 90 psi. The main purpose is to keep even the worst “air hog tools” running and operating strong.


Twin Cylinder and Cast Iron Pump

This twin cylinder pump is able to deliver eleven point five cfm at ninety psi to be able to run each tool in the shop’s arsenal. This is also machined out of a cast iron material and the oil lube pump is built to operate efficiently and quietly for years. Its standard features highlighted include valve and head plate, stainless steel valve, automotive style bearing, oil level sight glass and twelve-inch balance cast iron flywheel.
Reliable and Powerful Induction Motor
The Industrial air ILA3606056 60-Gallon single stage cast iron twin cylinder air compressor is fully powered by two-hundred forty volts, three point seven rhp and induction electric motor.

Its Other Excellent Features

The product has all the essential features that are as follows:
Large Capacity Sixty Gallon ASME air receiver that provides air for a long period of time on air equipments and tools like impacts, hammers, spray guns, ratchets and a whole lot more.
Spread voltage motor that allows the unit to operate on two-hundred eight or two-hundred forty volts without any of those wiring changes
Shipped with its synthetic oil for that long life and optimum performance
Fully equipped with an on and off switch and pressure gauge
Supported and backed by Toll Free Customer Help Line

Since the fact remains that this air compressor comes with an on and off switch and tank pressure gauge, it is suggested for you to buy a power cord, a regulator and vibration when you intend to install this unit.

In regard with its model specifications, these include a tank size of 60 gallon ASME*; cfm at 40 psi of 13.4; cfm at 90 psi of 11.5; maximum pressure of 155 psi; running horsepower of 3.7; certifications of CSA & UL; and 2 year limited warranty.

The manufacturer of the product is based out of Long Grove IL and is dedicated in the manufacture of outdoor power equipment, air compressor and pressure washer. With this one product that MAT Industries LLC introduces, this will surely meet the unique product specifications of professionals and homeowner alike. This is also noted for its great customer service!

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