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The Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 Hand Carry Twinstack 2-HP Compressor is designed to be a durable and reliable compressor to purchase by customers. This has its enough power enabling it to run 2-power tools leaving you most certainly satisfied. As you can most often notice, not all compressors that can be purchased on the market feature a powerful motor. The impressive thing about this one is that it has it in store for you. This is not simply just an excellent 2hp motor as it makes its way to maintain its low vibration ratio because of its balanced crankshaft.
If ever you have been tired of compressors that just unexpectedly stopped in several months of use, this product will catch your attention. This has already earned its reputation in the market for being the sturdy and durable air compressors to find on the market. This is specifically designed in meeting the most challenging tasks and in meeting your standards especially when it comes to long-lasting products and professionalism.

Built and Designed to Last

Some people usually complain of their broken and damaged air compressors. The good news is that Ingersoll Rand P1IU A9 Hand Carry Twinstach 2 HP Compressor is built and designed to last. This is really sturdy and this is a tougher and sturdier model to find out there. This has its overall weight of seventy-seven pounds making it a considerable machine to find and to carry around.

ingersoll-rand-2When you look at its whole unit, it is incorporated in a heavy-duty cage in order that the air compressor will survive and will never have its scratch. This basically employs its lubricated pump making it the right option to keep it working. With such a heavy-duty designed pump, it will prove to be significant for this compressor being long-lasting and robust. This is also great because it does not require maintenance at all.

Such a Quiet Compressor

Despite the fact that it is powerful and weighty, it is amazing to know that it operates quietly. This is designed to be really quiet but still provides its professional performance in a tough environment. The noise created by the compressor is quite decent and is not damaging to the ears as compared to other air compressors out there.

Specifications and Features

The Ingersoll Rand P1IU A9 Hand Carry Twinstach 2 HP Compressor is built highlighting its specifications and features that are as follows:
2 Quick Connect Couplers That Let a User Run 2 Tools at the Same Time
ΒΌ-Inch Couplers, a pressure gauge and a mounted regulator
An Oil-Lubricated Pump that is designed in order that the Compressor Lasts Longer
One-hundred thirty-five psi discharge pressure
A 2 Horsepower motor located in a sturdy, portably and heavy-duty frame
15 Amps and 20 Volts
4 Gallon Twin Tanks and Cast Iron Cylinder
So far, the product continues to receive positive praises coming from the buyers out there. This is really an outstanding compressor to buy in the market today!

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