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Air compressor is a very important industrial and residential tool. So, it is very important to keep it in a good condition by always checking the tires. Make sure the tire is in a best shape and you can achieve with the help of reliable air compressor tire inflator like the Kensun YS- 205.

Product Description

The Kensun Ys-205 has been tried on up to 333 inches tires. Rather than being caught helpless, always keep ahead with this very portable as well as easy to use air compressor.

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Product Features

There are lots of features integrated in this product; it comes with a remarkable set of accessories to blow up pool floats, sports balls, bike tires, air compressor tires and many more. It comes with its own pressure gauge and user can set the PSI for them she or he needs. It comes with a light to see the tire at night when needed.
You will surely appreciate the superiority of this product. It is covered in tough metal to keep it safe from rain. This is solid and well-built. It comes with an oil-free high output pump, which offers enough PSI to take a tire from a 10 PSI up to 34 PSI in just a few minutes. It’s quite and only weight 4.3 pounds, so you do not need to be that powerful to move around. This is also very reasonable compared to other products available out there.
A lot of time you buy something just to get it home and discover you want an attachment. This issue is eliminated when you consider this product. It is equipped with a usable case for you to carry it conveniently to anywhere you want to go. It comes with attachments for inflating diverse items. The wire is long to plug into your car cigarette lighter and could reach up to the back tire.




There are many good reasons why the Kensun YS-205 is a mush have product. Some of the most notable reasons take account of the following:
Compact and very lightweight
Ultra portable
Perfect for a car-trip and go-away holiday wherein you need air filler
So easy to use
Inflate air compressor tire in just a minute


Despite of the many advantages this air compressor tire inflator provides it also comes with minor flaws such as;
May be a little bit slow to pump up car tires, however it does a good job in pumping up air compressor tire
Customer Reviews and Scores
The Kensun YS-205 received lots of positive reviews and high ratings on As a matter of fact, this product gets 4.7 out of five stars. There are many good reasons why this tire inflator received this high rating. So, if you are still thinking what air compressor tire inflator to purchase, perhaps it is now time to consider buying the Kensun YS-205.


There are many tire inflators available out there but what makes the Kensun YS-205 stands out from the rest is its flexibility, lots of attachments included, efficient and low price.

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