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The Best Portable Air Compressor


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Looking for a reliable yet portable air compressor for light contract work? Look no further than Porter Cable C2002. There are many good reasons why you should try this air compressor. Want to know why? Then just keep on reading.

Who Could Gain/Benefit from this Product?

The Porter Cable C2002 WK is ideal for home use, especially those who wants a powerful yet very portable compressor. It is also a good backup for professional contractor, in case their main equipment malfunctions. There’s no need to worry where to put the cord as you can easily wrap it around the attached cord wrap.

Product Description

The Porter-Cable C2002-WK air compressor offers lots of power in a small package, show how businesses today, utilizing the miniaturization made possible through advancing technology have put highly efficient, professional grade enhancement equipment in the hands of ordinary individual. This small pancake compressor is valuable for many diverse things – from utilizing pneumatic tools for home improvement projects to inflating tires and cleaning utilizing jets of compressed air.
Weighing 35 pounds, the Porter-Cable is something you can carry comfortably and quickly to any work site. This makes it experience for all types of users, particularly since it musters an amazing 150 PSI at maximum, and has a 6 gallon air tank which refills in just a matter of 17 to 19 seconds and also features two air couplers.


This air compressor provides low maintenance and, often times no maintenance in any way on some of its parts. This enables you to spend lots of time with other valuable things instead of worrying about this machine.
Convenient: This pancake-style air compressor utilized smaller room in your house and with its compact and lightweight features, it permits more mobility.
Economical- Porter-Cable C2002 uses 2 couplers that assist two tools or two users all at once.
Easy to Start: This product is so easy to start though in a cold temperatures and you can utilize it on a normal circuit of the home or with an extension wire.
Reasonable: Even if it is packed with essential features, the Porter-Cable C2002-WK is one of the cheapest yet very effective air compressors available on the market today.



Despite of the many benefits this compressor provides, it also comes with minor flaws such as:
Oil free motors, even if cheaper as well as lighter, is likely to be noisier than the old-filled ones, however it is best for the infrequent tire filling, daily spraying of liquids as well as air dusting the chairs and tables.
Break down of some of its brushes may also happen, however, this is the common problems of many air compressors.


If you are searching for a good performing, simple to us air compressor which is lightweight and cinch to steer around, and then the Porter-Cable C2002-WK might be the best choice. The six-gallon tank provides a huge advantage over the smaller units with virtually no increase in total weight. All in all, the Porter-Cable C2002-WK is an unbelievable value for your hard earned money.

Check Price and Availability Here

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